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Who’s behind … and in front! of Jrobic Touring videos:

Video production

Simmedia company was founded in the year 1992. Since 2006, the main activities are focused on the segment of interactive sports multimedia solutions.

Jure Robic (2008)

RaceAcrossAmerica (RAAM) Champion Jure Robic took his fourth solo victory on RAAM2008, becoming the only male rider to win the solo RAAM four times. Later on (RAAM2010) he added 5th victory...

Team Debitel (2013)

Marko Baloh's 7th DOS was in a slightly different version. For the first time he started as a member of the 2-person team named TEAM DEBITEL.

Marko Baloh

Marko Baloh is the King of the RAAM Prairies 2013!