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There are 7 days in the week. ‘Someday’ is not one of them.

Question 1: Can I get a free pass?
Answer 1: Every client’s first ride is free. We invite you to come try a class no risk to you. To do so, please check out for our free coupon leaflet an bring it on to the class. If you “like” our Jrobic Facebook fan page you can participate for one free ride, as well.

Question 2: Why Jrobic Touring ?
Answer 2: The idea originated from Slovenian great ultracyclist Jure Robič, as he never ran out of motivation for cycling. We wish some of his inspiration could also be transfered to all of us, by only following up his toughest cycling races. We signed an agreement on cooperation by using him as an opinion leader. With the right equipment (magnetic bike computer ), modern technology, online user profiles registrations and enough video recorded material ( RAAM08 , RAAM13 …) the new Jrobic Touring franchizing is now ready to use. We are preparing even more innovative solutions, when, after realization, may become the best indoor cycling solution available.

Question 3: What should I bring to the class ?
Answer 3: Bring sport equipment (cycling shorts – recommended, sports shoes with hard soles, spare clothing), a drink and a towel, but check for available free bike, first. SPD cycling pedals will be installed as soon as requested.

Question 4: Does exercise really take place without an instructor ?
Answer 4: We introduce the latest concept of group workout classes as our professional staff individually provide you with the basic instructions and exercise program before workout starts. You get instructions for the proper bike setup and right posture during exercise. During workout take care of your heart rate zone (as the most important performance indicator) and manually adjust break resistance. Focused on ridden distance and projected panorama in front, are another two factors which ensure workout to become more efficient with less perceived effort as usually is not practiced by any other indoor cycling groups, where only instructors try to maintain motivation. During exercise our operators have to arrange the smooth training and check if the projected panorama is corresponding to thematic tracks by the schedule.

Question 5: What can I expect from the training ?
Answer 5: First of all you can be proud that you fulfill prescribed cycling distance with your own will. Cycling distance your body needs in order to improve mental and physical abilities … If you have reached this with less perceived effort because of visual distraction (authentic recordings of the real ultracyling races), which was confirmed by many researches, so much better.

Question 6: How the Jrobic Touring differs from similar cycling classes ?
Answer 6: … Online profile for registered users, where mileage and other training analysis are stored. Measuring the heart rate through easy to use sensors for each participant, modern magnetic ergo bikes with quiet and smooth running (fixed flywheel) and with a computer to measure the distance…, energetic music, individual training planning by our staff, HD projection of authentic ultracycling races and other attractive places, … Absence of instructor during exercise is for you a new challenge to activate extra motivation for indoor cycling.

Question 7: Is such kind of exercise appropriate for anybody ?
Answer 7: Since you control the intensity of workout, anybody may attend the class regardless of previous fitness level. Later on, you become more durable and trained so workout sessions could become more intense or less difficult, if you only want to maintain fitness level.

Question 8: How is it that you have so many different workouts ?
Answer 8: Exercises are in fact divided only by projected topics. Basically, classes are meant to be just pure 50 minutes cycling experience, as such cycling duration is essential for the optimal burning of fat reserves, strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory system. How did you deploy a variety of intervals and intensity within a workout, depends on each individual. To effectively improve the physical fitness level and losing excess fat it is recommended a 2x- 3x workout a week. Specificity is a ‘marathon’ workout that lasts 80 minutes and is recommended for those who like to spice up their workouts or just ‘collect’ cycling distances. We also invite all those who already improved their fitness level to train additional 30 minutes more. In fact, such exercise should be done at least once by everyone to, at least, test the ‘marathon’ skills, which could be improved later on. Please remember, you can only improve what you measure.

Question 9: Why should I attend the class instead of cycling at home ?
Answer 9: Stationary cycling at home or cycling outdoors are perfect choices. But we offer a safe and attractive, hi- tech alternative to such cycling, since our classes are implemented in controlled environment and performed in a good company, possibility to compare the results… In addition to improved physical condition we reward you for prescribed cycling distances … After all, those who will decide to ride at home, can spice their workouts with our special Jrobic Touring video clips series that you only get exclusively through our on-line store arkademik.si.

Question 10: What are the main features of the Jrobic Touring classes?
Answer 10: Improves cardiovascular readiness, tones and shape your legs, hips and buttocks, improves leg strength and muscular endurance, does not cause muscle growth, allows consumption to 800 calories in 50 minutes, progress monitoring and analysis (on- line user profile), remuneration in relation to achieved mileage, collective spirit, socialization and having fun with friends, insight into the heart of ultra cycling races…
… Every pedal stroke counts …