Working out from the comfort of your own home provides numerous benefits that indoor cycling classes cannot offer. They require less travel and prep time, as well as provide a safe environment and a comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on your workout without worrying about others.

Your home provides instant access to your equipment and yet it can be difficult to maintain workouts.


Staying on Track

With New Year’s resolutions becoming a distant memory as the first month fades away, we’ve come up with some tips that we hope will help keep you motivated. Whether it’s dusting off the old equipment or you’re looking to purchase new equipment, here are 10 tips to assist you on your quest toward your own personal vision.

1. Make a goal and write it down. There is a strong correlation between writing down one’s goal and actually achieving it.

2. Tell someone your goal. You’ll feel more accountability if you know there are others supporting you or expecting you to follow through with your plans.
3. Schedule your routine. We schedule most everything else in our busy lives. A quick 30-minute workout should be no different and be a planned part of our day.

4. Don’t put it off. If you have time to think about working out now, then just do it. Otherwise, there are a million other things that will get in the way, and before you know it, the day is gone.

5. Keep your workout routine simple. A 20-minute Sprint 8® workout, plus 10 minutes of strength and five to 10 minutes of stretching. Pretty simple, yet very effective. If you miss a scheduled workout, no sweat, life happens. Rather than doing nothing, though, do what you can. Ten minutes of walking or five minutes of strength is better than nothing and will still move you towards your vision.

6. Place your equipment in a room/place that you enjoy being in. What motivates you? Upbeat music in a well-lit room with a TV? Placement of equipment often gets overlooked when it comes to what motivates a person.

7. Recognize how good you feel after you’ve worked out. Most of us know that feeling when it hits. Be conscious of that feeling and try to continually remind yourself of it.

8. Create an affirmation board. You are putting positive energy out in the universe and asking the universe for what you want. You are, as a result, changing your own attitude and your own approach to getting the things you want.

9. Have a workout partner. Whether it’s a friend or family member, having a partner may be what you need to keep you on track and hold you accountable for showing up for workouts.

10. Take some before and after pictures over a three-month span. Especially if the scale doesn’t seem to budge, or you feel like you’re not making progress, comparing the photos may just be the proof you need to see that you’ve experienced some results.

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Get Ready to Pedal
Go into a indoor session with a plan and thoughts of what you want to achieve from the session. This will help with the motivation and make the time fly by.

Download our video indoor training titles to help keep you on track and motivated during your training session. You can choose one that will match the focus of your workout and help you reach your goals.