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You can ride at your own pace and use the visual real terrain information to manually adjust your trainer resistance.

• Instant download and ready to use
• Just press play on your video player and start pedaling. Emerge yourself into unique and exclusive racing atmosphere.
• HD resolution (1280×720) suitable for any PC & MAC & Tablets & TV2USB sticks.
• We recommend to use free VLC software for no video codecs issues.
• Raw, un-edited real life extreme cycling footage – red traffic light stops the cyclist – means optional pause for you too 🙂
• After payment, you’ll receive an E-mail with downloadable link (WeTransfer service).



Why 50 minutes? Duration of your workout is important. Spinning classes usually last 50 minutes. That’s why we decided to prepare exact optimal duration videos for your cardio workout training. Different workout durations don’t allow optimal comparisons, but if you keep your 50 min workout routine, we guarantee the increase of your fitness level.

... Pedal as fast as you can OR enjoy the scenery with the light pace ... it's your decision. Compare your ride distance with previous ones and follow your progress ...

What about other purchasable or free road videos? They have different movie lenght, no race environment, annoying graphic elements, always the same music… no cyclists in front, just plain road, recorded by car speed. Usually work only in combination with expansive fitness equipment … Other free race TV broadcasts are recorded by many cameras, are not focused on one rider and not in HD quality. Please, try out our concept as well and see the difference by yourself.

Are there any guidance, instructors or music implemented into video? No. We believe you can be the boss of your workout. Focus yourself on the surrounding panorama, be inspired by the best ultracyclist in front of you, choose your own energic music and control your pace within your heart rate zone. We recommend to use Wtek or Scosche ‘cheststrap free’ HR sensor, available in our store as well. No extra annoying graphic elements (RPM, resistance level…) on screen. Just follow your training routine with preferred intervals or ride as if you are outside on a real bike.
How many kilometres/miles are videos in length? Cyclist have average speed 25km/h. So videos cover more than 20 km road scenery. But your actual driven distance on your bike depends on you. Everytime you get further then your previous ride, since your physical condition will improve with every pedal stroke. Taking 50min workout and at least the same cycling distance every time, is a good start for making your workout more controllable and with video support more enjoyable… Progress will follow and you will soon be ready for new personal records or outdoor challenges …

But my indoor bike have no distance data feedback… In that case we recommend to consider getting one of our hi-tech indoor bikes in our Powermeter store 🙂

Please check our Jrobic touring video collection. We constantly add new titles...

Get into the heart of extreme cycling race with authentic racing in front of you!

Ride with the best ultracyclists in the world.