Race Around Slovenia

On Thursday, May 9, 2013 started the seventh race around Slovenia. Ultracyclists have to race 1,229 kilometers and defeat nearly 15 thousand feet above sea level. At the start there were 83 riders from 23 countries.
Victory from last year was not defended by Christophe Strasser. He spared the energy for the Race Across America (RAAM) in June. Among individuals even Marko Baloh decided to start among pairs (Team Debitel). Last year victory among pairs were defending Tadej Blatnik and  Uros Komac. The race has 12 stages, start and finish, as is usual, is in Postojna. The organizer kept promise and has prepared a spectacle, monitored via GPS tracking on both computers and mobile phones.

In addition, the World Association of extreme riders / UMCA / race is re-evaluated as the best in Europe. It has been placed on the calendar of events for the World Cup 2013 and qualifying as a race for the RAAM (Race Across America), the largest and most difficult race of extreme riders in the world.

The spirit of departed ultra-cyclist, 5-time RAAM champion, Jure Robic, lives on in the hearts, minds and legs of all participants, organizers and fans of the DOS-RAS Extreme race around Slovenia.
Previously DOS-RAS had been a solos-only event. Last year when RAAM management learned DOS-RAS was going to add a 2-person team component, and knowing RAAM management planned to organize a racing team, discussions began regarding RAAM Racing’s participation in this year’s DOS-RAS. The Race was added to RAAM Racing’s schedule – #2 in a planned 10-event schedule.

Slovenia is a mountainous country at the NE end of the Adriatic Sea bordered on the west by Italy, the north by Austria, the east by Hungary and the south by Croatia. Slovenia gained independence in 1991, joined the EU in 1994 and became part of the Eurozone in 2007. The comparatively small country (7800 square miles with population of 2 million) is stunningly beautiful, prosperous and produces an incredible number of gifted athletes.
One of the unique features of DOS-RAS is that the start of the event occurs as night begins to descend on the hills surrounding Postojna. The night start is welcomed by most of the racers and crew, as they all recognize there will be a couple of nights of racing to get through, and getting one out of the way at the outset is a good thing.

More info about the race: www.racearoundslovenia.si



For home use (on any indoor cycling gear) we have prepared ‘limited edition’ videos that are part of Jrobic touring video collection: DOS2013