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Place a cycling indoor trainer, a normal stationary gym bike or a spinning bike in the vicinity of a TV, projector, computer or tablet and make your training infinitely more interesting with our video routes.

Our classes bring the authentic outdoor riding experience into our dimly lit, heart-pounding music studios. Small group of 5-8 riders enjoy an exciting ride through scenic destinations. There's nothing like finishing a class feeling accomplished, and part of a team.


Through our innovative approaches and certified modern technology we offer indoor cycling simulation (up to 4 bikes) for your customers. Designed to attract active leisure time by children, youth, adults, professionals, recreatives…


  • Sponzorji:
    Mimovrste d.o.o., Jesenice
    Simmedia d.o.o., Radovljica (neposredni prenos)
    Arkademija (svet sodobne športne zabave)
    Raora d.o.o. (koledarji)
    PP&Tlac (plakati) (plesne podlage)
  • Donatorji:
    Pizzeria Venezia d.o.o. Jesenice
    Restavracija Ejga Jesenice
    Trgovina Ambient Jesenice
    Trgovina Nina Jesenice
    Pekarna Karavanke Jesenice
  • Ostali sodelujoči:
    Marko Baloh (coaching)
    Adnan V. (grafična podoba)
    Andraž K. (programska koda)
    Jan D. (elektronika)
    Nejc D. (fotografiranje)
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    Exercise to have fun, not just to loose weight.

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