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The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.

— Walt Disney

Group indoor cycling has been around since the 1980’s but experts agree the future is Theater Enhanced Cycling!



Why stay in the past when you can offer your members a front row seat to the 21st Century.
Finally, a turn key Theater Enhanced Cycling program brought to you by Jrobic Touring Cycling Studios.

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Simmedia Company franchize.

Most of us get into road cycling to do just that, ride a bike on the road. It is a thrilling feeling to ride a bike on the open road and catch a glimpse of the scenery whizzing by. But have you thought about how an indoor cycle trainer benefits you and how it can be done without attending instructor guided classes?

The downside of outdoor road cycling is that you don’t have control over your environment. The landscape might be beautiful but you could end up stopping multiple times for red lights. You can check the weather forecast before you head out but there will be times when you get caught in a rain deluge. We won’t mention the friction between cars and bikes!!

Spin bike in a controlled environment provides multiple benefits. You do not have to stop unless you want to and you can easily change the settings rather than travel long distances to train on hill climbs. The climate is consistent indoors so you know every time what you need to take to prepare for an indoor bike training session. There are no unplanned stops and this allows you to focus on specific workouts without taking an unscheduled break. So what are these three awesome indoor trainer benefits?

Indoor Cycle Trainer Benefits

  • The ability to undertake focused, controlled training session
  • Being able to get into the correct training zones without being effected by climate or geography.
  • Controlled recovery times
  • Having control over your environment.
    Focus, Focus and Focus
    Working out on an indoor trainer means that you can focus. There is no reason to stop cycling other than when you decide it is time to stop. An indoor bike stays stable so you don’t have to think about balance. All you need to do is pick the goal of your training session. The focus could be: intensity, a quick workout fix, endurance and pushing through the pain barrier, increasing fitness or hill climbs.

    In the Zone
    Once you have chosen the focus of your training session you can get into the correct training zones. There will be no sudden inclines, declines or wind changes that make it hard to control your intensity. Your recovery times become more structured rather than finding a massive hill mid recovery. This all making the session very controlled plus you will find your recovery from session will be faster than on the road. With upbeat music and ultracycling various race visualizations you easily enter the zone and keep you motivated and focused throughout your workout session. Without instructor in front of you,…trust us and yourself.