Team Debitel (2013)

Marko and Iztok convincingly won the race

247521_591467957544510_345615692_nMarko Baloh’s 7th DOS was in a slightly different version. For the first time he started as a member of the 2-person team named TEAM DEBITEL. His partner was a good friend from early cycling days, Iztok MelanÅ¡ek. Before the race they had more questions than answers – can we beat more than 30 years younger rival team How the team will operate without any pre-training sessions? How will Iztok do after almost 40 hours of racing and especially how will he manage to survive the second night without sleep, when it is known that it is the last night that decides a race? The answers after the race are all positive, the team has worked as a professional team, Iztok has proved to be more than perfect partner and the end result is a VICTORY!

Marko Baloh and Iztok Melansek convincingly won the race in men’s doubles category, cycling 1 day, 13 hours and 28 minutes /their average speed: 32.8 km/h was the highest in the history of DOS.

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