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A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.


It’s great to hear that so many people have found Jrobic Touring videos to be the best indoor cycling motivational tool available.

Here’s what people are saying in the media:

Hirondelle bikes and Jrobic Touring together. An exciting journey cycling! – Sonia

Buy yourself inspiring cycling movies of Race across America and/or Race around Slovenia to help motivate you for indoor cycling and help me raise the budget for 2015. Yes, the percentage of “my” titles go for my budget.
Thank you for sharing this!
– Marko

Here is something that will make your indoor-training feel like you are racing RACE ACROSS AMERICA. And it will help me raise the budget for RAAM 2015. – Marko B.

For anyone who wants a few ideas for indoor training over the winter, if you buy any 2013 Jrobic training videos not only will you get a great video ride with the best ultra endurance cyclists in the world you will also be helping one to. Part of the profits will help finance Marko Baloh’s 2015 RAAM. Please buy and share, and let’s help get Marko to the start line. – Simon

Catch them if you can!!! Great for that winter training. – Shona

Very interesting stuff! – Aleksej

Excellent!! Stayed connected, so very good.quite a tough one !!– cyclingaddict via Kinomap Trainer

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