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The idea originated from one of the Worlds greatest ultracyclist Jure Robic, and his famous cycling motivation. There is a wish, some of his inspiration could be brought to all of us, by just monitoring him. Jure, as an opinion leader, specialized equipment (magnetic bike+computer ), easy to use HR monitors, online user profile monitoring, enough video recorded material (RAAM08 , RAAM13 …)… the new Jrobic Touring indoor cycling becomes the ‘State of the art’ solution that every Wellness&Fitness facility should have.

Jrobic Touring main features: individually adjusted exercise program, HR sensors given to every participant, focus on ridden distance, monitoring heart rate zones and race visualization in front, are some factors which ensure workout to become more efficient with less perceived effort (as usually is not practiced by other indoor cycling systems, which use mainly instructors for maintaining motivation).