4xVideo Mix Bundle

For home use (on any indoor cycling equipment) we have prepared mixed 4x50min videos from various races:

* Event: Race Across America (RAAM’08- male solo Jure Robic, first place, first solo RAAM winner with 4 wins in history of RAAM), video titles: SUNRISE, MORNING

* Event: Race around Slovenia (RAS/DOS’13- Team Debitel- Marko B., Iztok M., first place), video title: FINISH LINE

* Event: Race Across America (RAAM’13- male solo Marko Baloh, 5th place), video title: MONUMENT VALLEY

Get into the heart of extreme cycling race with authentic racing in front of you!

Titles are not part of the RAAM08, RAAM13 and DOS13 Video Collections!